Saturday, December 13, 2008

Devil Island

Yesterday afternoon while taking a nap, I was awakened to an announcement that we were going ashore at Devil Island, an island that has two peaks that appear as horns. We climbed one of the peaks and had absolutely spectacular views of the sea and icebergs below. I am learning how to distinguish between the various penguin species (gentoo, adelie, chin strap, emperor, king and macaroni. I would have like to see more seals but they seem to be avoiding us.

Today is the last day of going ashore and then we start heading back to Argentina through the dreaded Drake Passage.


Larry said...

Why does everyone look warm and you're bundled up?? Looks like a great time, sorry I missed it.

Alex R. said...

The pictures are amazing...Becca and are I really enjoying the landscape your seeing. The penguins,in particular,are great.

Richard K. said...

Murray, I just remembered that you were doing a blog and visited it for the first time today. Great to see and read about what you're seeing and doing. Love the penguins. Ann and I are hoping you'll give a slide show when you're back in Santa Fe. Best wishes for the new year.